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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Cherrie / Emmeryn20/Female/United States Groups :iconfe-literature: FE-Literature
"Together We Ride!"
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CloudyLightning's Profile Picture
Cherrie / Emmeryn
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
How you pronounce my name: Like the fruit Cherry.

I only started getting into art a year after I made this account, so I'm still working on it! (I mostly draw guys 'cause they're flat chested.)

Few Facts about me:
--Went through a bunch of schools.
--I'm awfully forgetful so I'm sorry if I forget more than a normal person should.
--Chocolate is good. Chocolate is always good.
--I write more often than I draw.
--Did I say chocolate is good? Yeah, I think I did.
--I should really write my original stories up here....
--Cats are fun~ Dogs are loud~ And horses' hooves can possibly kill you~!



False Happiness
"You are meant for great things, my bird." -- Validar

Happy Father's Day.

You will never see this. Never. Mainly because this man is an evil man. He used his own son (the little baby in this) to summon a freaking evil dragon. 

Ironically, this little boy grows up to kill his own father. 


(Who) Robin and Validar - (Where) Fire Emblem: Awakening
HEY-- It's A Birb
I need to stop drawing past midnight--- 

Because all of a sudden Robin looks like he's telling me to go sleep. 

(Who) Robin - (Where) Fire Emblem Awakening


Journal History

winterlieve  Tagged me

1)Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged.
2)Write 13 things about yourself.
3)Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions. (no)
4)Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. (Nah)
5)Don't say "You're tagged if you read this". (why would i)
6) It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (Ignoring, if I die, heh, okay) 
7) No tagging back. 

1. I love lilies. They are literally my go to flowers when I'm bored, then roses come next. 
2. My brother apologized to me for being such an asshole for the last twelve years of my life, and I forgave him for all the shit he put me through without a second thought because I love him that much. 
3. I'm drinking coconut water from a brand I just realized that I don't like. 
4. I love cherries, but I hate artificially flavored cherries and the ones in Jars with syrup. I'm saying this because about half an hour earlier, I saw a bag of fresh cherries and realized how much I missed eating cherries. 
5. I want a cat. Either a kitten, or an old, fat cat that I can drop on a mountain of pillows and snuggle right next to it on cold days.
6. I'm four pages in my comic and Leaf, the main character, is making me pull the most air headed and absent-minded responses, that I have to stop and seriously reconsider this character. I need to make it digital later. 
7. I'm currently thinking up a fanfic where I dump Alfonse (from Fire Emblem Heroes) into Final Fantasy XV, and he becomes either the older, or younger brother of Noctis, and his retainers are probably Robin (from FE: Awakening) and Corrin (FE: Fates). If I feel like it, Alfonse might even become a Second Oracle (it's either he's gonna die, or Lunafreya. Still debating, though) Main reason why I'm doing this, is because Noctis and Alfonse share the same voice actor (Ray Chase).
8. I can't speak properly. I stumble over my words and I can't speak clearly. 
9. Henry (from FE: Awakening) is my husband. And I just realized that the reason why I don't draw him is because I'm scared of ruining such perfection of a bloody husband. 
10. I don't think I'm mentally sound. 
11. I actually did research and looked up about how it feels for someone suffering from internal bleeding and caused Ace to die from internal bleeding just so that I can be a sadist for my Relearning (FFType-0 x FFXIII crossover) story. 
12. My parents bought three new goldfish. One has a red crown and it's called Princess. Another is a normal goldfish-- I lied, its eyes are bulged out and I'm scared that it's going to die whenever it smacks its eye against the glass; called it Bulgie. There's a black one too. A normal one. He's Knight/Night
13. I saw a Rowlet stuffy on the dash of someone's car, and my mom believes that I have an obsession with owls. That's actually not true. I actually loves birds, I just happen to have people giving me owl merchandise more often than a blue jay. (why do you think I have a character named Jay?) But the best thing about owls is the fact that they can turn their heads at any angle. 
14. I-- oh wait. Only thirteen. Heh. 

Questions for me:
1.How many languages do you speak?No matter if you're only beginner at it,just what languages are they?
Uhm, broken Japanese. Fluent english, bits and broken little shards of tagalog. 

2.Are you an emotional or a logical person?
That... is a very good question that I honestly can't answer because I have no idea how to answer it. 

3.What is your favorite video game genre(s)?
Action, fantasy-- Especially Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy. Kingdom hearts is slowly turning me into a silent assassin because I wish to see my dark child again. 

4.What is the best job/occcupation in your opinion?And why?
A horologist. They build clocks-- not battery operated, mind you. They literally build gear clocks. 

5.Do you ever encounter a brat at the internet?How do you feel about them?
Yes. Honestly, they need to get a life or grow up. 

6.What is the most important thing at drawing?
The expression of the entire picture. Especially the expression of the character's face. 

7.Do you believe in supernatural/magic/myths/etc?
Not really. I mean, I love to write about it. 

8.Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?
Neither. It's nice to stay in the present and enjoy what you have, despite the past mistakes that lead you to where you are. 

9.Which dere type do you like?And which one are you?
Uhm, I like to not get anywhere near that. Mainly because it's a pain to figure out, and I'm lazy as heck right now. 

10.Do you have a favorite youtuber(s)?Who?
I have a favorite youtuber? 

11.What is your favorite retro video game? (if you have/played one)
I can't remember. 

12.As a child,what did you want to be when you grow up?
A freaking lion. 

13.Freeze to death or burn to death?
Freeze to death. That way, it would slowly seem like you're slowly falling asleep. Sleeping is nice. 

Questions from me: 
1-13. I have none. 

Tagging: Imma sleep. Nyan. 


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